UN-004Garter Belt


UN-004Garter Belt


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Latex garter belt with four adjustable belts and rear eyelet detail. Keep stockings in place and perfectly frame your rear.

Medium-weight latex garter belt.

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Green, Red, Yellow, Black, Brown, Fluo Green, Fuchsia, Light Blue, Medical Green, Metallic – Azure, Metallic – Cobalt, Metallic – Gold, Metallic – Grasshopper, Metallic – Lava Red, Metallic – Purple, Metallic – Silver, Ocean, Orange, Phtalo, Pink, Raspberry, Royal Blue, Sand, Translucent – Amber, Translucent – Cherry, Translucent – Jade, Translucent – Peacock, Translucent – Pink, Translucent – Smoked, Translucent – Violet, Violet, White


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